A downloadable game

Super Foot Tennis

V. 0.96

Play a 2 VS 2 foot tennis game, kick the ball with your head or foot and do tricks to win! Just don't directly kick it in your field or let it bounce more than once after the enemy kicks it.

Your teammate is there to help you, he will sometimes pass to you, in your field. Or he will take on the enemy kicks when he thinks he is closer to the ball.

Use tricks to speed up the ball and give the enemies less time to kick it, pass to your team mate so he can kick the ball. Increase your difficulty by activating night mode which gives you less visibility, or snow mode that makes your more slippery.

Pending features:

A song for the game.

0.65 changelog:

Added marker to where the ball will land

Made the AI just slightly harder

Added a trick bar and the option to do tricks, currently just for the player

Added two tricks, spin kick and karate kick

0.7 changelog:

Made the AI players use tricks and added some sounds

0.8 changelog:

Added snowing and night time.

Added AI chat.

0.81 changelog:

Tweaked the shadows just a bit, and added a splash screen.

0.95 changelog:

Added a menu for changing options.

Added language options, english and romanian.

Added winning conditions to beat the game, and statistics that save on exit.

0.96 changelog:

Fixed an issue with stats, before when you won or lost once, the stats would save doubled. Now it's only save once as intended.

Install instructions

After you download the game, just use a software like 7zip or winrar to unrar the game, and then double click the exe to play.

Game keys will be shown shortly after running the game.


SuperFootTennis[0.96].zip 5 MB